Wednesday, March 14, 2012

~Romantic Reflections..~

~When I was a young girl I could often be found puttering about in my mothers garden..I loved rain ..Spring time was my favorite..We had these beautuful pink Magnolia trees by our home..I would climb the blooming branches ,surrounded by pink blossoms, their sweet perfume lingering heavy in the air surrounding me.. I would daydream ..I loved wearing  pretty dresses, my mother would always have my hair up or in braids..We would hang freshly washed laundry on the clothesline..I loved seeing my mother's lacey slips flowing in the breeze..She ONLY wore dresses..She would make us tea and would read poetry..Some days she would let me stay home from school...We would have tea parties and watch old movies..Audrey & Grace seemed like elegant girlfriends to me..I have many fond memories of baking with mom in our kitchen.. Her white Sunbeam mixer resting upon an old white enamel  topped hoosier cabinet with clear glass knobs..We would bake delicious cookies and breads..gather flowers from the garden ,sip tea and play records.. I grew up in the seventies..Chenille bedspreads graced every bed,vinyl records played on the record player..I had a pen pal from another country, I read Judy Blume, sung in the church choir,  loved shopping at the 5 & Dime, bagging up penny candy at the drugstore,,browsing through Tiger Beat and Seventeen magazines, & drinking fountain soda's at the counter..I am an old fashioned kind of girl..Only 45..But I adore tradition and the memories of my childhood that I hold within me..My mom and I often reflect back upon those lovely romantic days..I thank her for those beautiful times..She taught me so many lessons.. She gave me my appreciation for  nature's beauty..For gardening,baking,music, poetry,home making & decorating, my passion..I often tell mom she was Shabby Chic before Shabby Chic was founded..We didn't have a lot of money.. but you cannot buy life lessons taught by a mother to her daughter..Lessons I am now teaching my own two daughters Devin & Lauren..My memories as a girl are priceless ..and have helped to shape me into the woman I am today..A precious heirloom given as a gift to me by my mother..Because of her gift,I am always looking for the beauty that each day holds..From the gentle petals of a the radio playing a favorite old tune..A table set with vintage china...the smell of fresh baked cookies & bread..Memories that transport me back to a more simple time..Where a girl I used to know would dream about her life through the branches of a pink Magnolia tree..That girl is me..And always will be..Thank you momma...Until next time..Have a beautiful & romantic day...xo..Karen~


  1. I too can remember so many of the same things only my view was from an Apple tree in our backyard.
    I absolutely love your photography work.
    I have forwarded your Blogspot link onto a couple of my friends who I think would enjoy your work as well.
    I also have a Blogspot you might like to look at occasionally.
    Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.
    Until your next blog.
    Linda Poole

  2. Thank you Linda for being my very first comment and for saying such lovely things..I will check out your blog.. I appreciate you telling your friends about me too..I love inspiring others to live a more romantic lifestyle..xo..

  3. Oh...Karen, what a beautiful first entry for your blog! I will be following along ... and I have added your site to my blog ... ... under blogs I am following.....good luck to you in this new venture...I check out your lovely photos on fb every day and they add beauty to my day... thanks! oxox Gail

    1. Thank you Gail for the lovely comment..I am hoping to blog more frequently..xo..

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