Monday, November 25, 2013

~Romantic Noel~

A vintage inspired Christmas..This is the theme in my home every year..This holiday pink mittens with lace, aged ornaments, architectural elements, vintage fabrics, lace embellished double blade ice skates that once belonged to a young girl,white lights, and touches of soft pink compliments all of the white linens and furniture in my romantic color palette..
A rustic ladder displays more vintage treasures..Pink mittens,  hats,and a hand made dream catcher softens the edges of the dark wood..
Vintage lead glass windows from an old victorian home, my grandmother's piano bench, a pitcher with pale pink roses, and my rose tole chandelier creates a lovely vignette around the mantle..
A darling pink gingerbread couple I found at an antique show will grace a small tree in my kitchen..
A zinc pail holds a small fresh tree, mercury glass, and a sweet jadite green Let It Snow sign found at Target peeks out from behind vintage ice skates .. 
A romantic look for Christmas..Found treasures, candles,fresh greenery & flowers,the aroma of just baked cookies coming from the kitchen lends a comfortable, elegant, yet whimsical ambience for my home that makes for a lovely holiday season...
Have a beautiful & romantic week..xo..

Sunday, November 17, 2013

~Collecting..Vintage Milk Glass..~

My love for vintage milk glass started when I was a just little girl..My mother had lovely pieces she had collected over the years..My favorite was a milk glass fan embellished with pink roses, she had it sitting on a shelf in her bedroom..It was a piece I had always admired, and inherited from her when I married..I am proud to say I have my own beautiful collection of milk glass..One my mother now admires..

My milk glass collection has been acquired through the years from yard sales, thrift shops, junk shops, flea markets & estate sales ..I think it makes for a fresh, clean look..I have vases, planters, bowls, plates, cups, and my favorite, the pedestals..I bought this French wire plant stand years ago, it holds some of my large collection beautifully..

This rose embossed butter keeper is a favorite piece..
The designs are beautiful and ornate, from embossed fleurishes, to whimsical ruffled edges..
I use my milk glass to hold flowers, candles, fruit, desserts, candy, pinecones, pumpkins, & ornaments..Each piece is useful as well as decorative..Everything you place in milk glass shines.. 
The beauty of vintage milk glass is a timeless look that will never go out of style..Whether displayed in a romantic setting or in a modern country home..It is a collectible that anyone can enjoy..An elegant collection that will continue to grace my home..One I have treasured most of my life..

Have a beautiful & romantic week..xo..
K. Elizabeth~

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

~Once Upon a Time Christmas~

~Whispers of Christmas time?..This early?? Yes I know..My vintage finds have inspired me to transform my home into a bygone wonderland filled with beautiful holiday treasures..These charming vintage double blade ice skates were bought at the flea market, worn by a lovely little girl once upon a time,I embellished them with vintage lace..I am adding touches of Christmas a bit early this year..Lots of white, lace, and natural greenery will grace my home this holiday season..Mercury glass, spiritual accents,glistening ornaments, white lights and candles..Natural, ethereal, romantic and enchanting..
I will be blogging my holiday home in the coming weeks...Have a lovely rest of the week..xo..
K. Elizabeth~

Sunday, November 10, 2013

~Sunday Serenity by Candle Light~

~Sunday evening..A wintery chill is in the air..A perfect evening to sit by candle light and enjoy a cup of tea..A vintage French chair is draped in an old lace tablecloth..I am hoping to have the pair re-covered in white fabric..The Duncan Phyfe table was found at a yard sale for $5.00..I am planning on painting something on the front of the dropped leaf...

A beautiful French drum table has ornate carvings and details..Found at the flea market this past summer,it is a favorite find..
A large metal crown holds a flickering candle, placed next to a mercury glass votive holder, it is rustic yet elegant...
A vintage candle snuffer/lighter from an old church was found on a Saturday antique outing by my fiancé and I..We both love church artifacts..This piece spoke to both of us, we often wonder how many services the snuffer was used for..Bringing a bit of history into my home is why I adore my vintage finds so much..  
Have a beautiful & romantic start to your week..xo..
K. Elizabeth~

Thursday, November 7, 2013

~"La Vie En Rose" ..~

~A Life in Pink~


Have a lovely weekend..xo..
K. Elizabeth~

Monday, November 4, 2013

~Romantique Pink~

~Shades of pink evoke a sense of romance  & enchantment..I have adored pink since I was a little girl..All the pieces in the collage above and in this post have been found at flea markets, estate sales, and on-line..The pink rose water cupcakes were made and decorated by me..The fragrance of pink blossoms perfume the air in my home, and fill milk glass vases, white ironstone pitchers, and worn silver teapots..
~An embellished tea towel I bought on Etsy is hand painted with an ornate chandelier..Beautiful mix matched vintage floral china, milk glass,and silverware make for an elegant table setting..

~This lovely french girl print hung in my eldest daughter's nursery 16 years ago..She exudes such innocence,charm & beauty..She is one of my favorite finds..~
~Sterling silver spoons grace a glass jar filled with pink bath salts, a weathered pink soap dish, and vintage creamer complete this romantic vignette..~
~A birdcage filled with dried roses, Paris note board, perfume bottle and lovely notecards, adds a French touch..~
~A gorgeous Florentine triptych lends a spiritual heir to my home..~
~Adding touches of pink to your decor  creates an ambience that is feminine, soft & whimsical...  

Have a beautiful & romantic week....xo..Karen~

Sunday, November 3, 2013

~The Vintage Jewelry Box~

~When I was a girl I would browse the pages of my mother's magazines with her..Near the back there would be ads for different things you could buy, there would always be a picture of a diamond ring, not a real diamond of course, but to me, it looked like the real thing..I would ask her if I could have it.. She would always tell me.."some day"..That some day came when I was in the fourth grade, her and my father bought me a "real" diamond ring..Two tiny chips on a thin gold band, and there started my love for jewelry..I still have that ring, and since then I have had a diamond engagement ring, precious stones, pearls, and even platinum..My taste has changed over the years.. Through my mother's collection, I began an on going love affair with vintage jewelry..Mom had many pieces of marcasite set in sterling silver..Marcasite jewelry is jewelry made from pyrite (fool's gold), I adored their sparkle..I too have marcasite but my passion now lies in vintage rhinestone and silver jewelry..I have been collecting for years..Rings, bracelets, pins, and earrings..I love the patina, the sparkle, and the history behind each piece ..I am sharing just a few pieces of my collection here in this post..

~The rhinestone bracelets below are my favorite pieces to wear every day..The chandelier earrings are a recent estate sale find..
~Vintage pins I have collected from estate sales..~
~A vintage belt buckle I found at the flea market..~
~My eldest daughter Devin wore this rhinestone tiara for her 16th birthday..She looked like a lovely princess, with her hair up in a bun, the tiara added a touch of glamour to her special day..The pink purse locket is a newer piece but is vintage inspired..~
~I also use my jewelry to embellish creations I have made and in decorating my home..This lace lampshade is graced with a dainty rhinestone flower..Pillows, cloth napkins, and even furniture have been given this same simple but elegant vintage touch..~
~Bracelets and necklaces decorate this french girl statue..~
~The beauty of vintage jewelry reminds me of old Hollywood, my mother, and a bygone era..My vintage jewelry collection is one I hope to pass down to both of my daughters..I hope they will love and adore each piece as much as I have all of these years...
~Have a beautiful & romantic week..~xo..K. Elizabeth~

Sunday, October 27, 2013

~Sunday Serenity~

~Sunday morning....A vignette of decaying roses, spiritual painting, vintage rosary beads, a french wire shoe, and mercury glass..
Fallen petals..Beauty fading as the days go by.. 
A silver plume pin nestled in a bed of rosebuds...
Candles flicker in embossed mercury glass...
Tattered beauty on a Sunday morning..
Have a beautiful & romantic week..xo..
K. Elizabeth~..

Saturday, October 26, 2013

~The Beauty in Brocante..~

~Brocante: Flea market; bric-a-brac....
Between April and October you can usually find me on a Sunday morning at the flea market.Treasure hunting is one of my favorite things to do..Searching through table after table of bric-a brac, or a prettier name that I prefer, brocante, is so gratifying..Many of the vendors have come to know me  and they are very kind to me..Flea marketing is an affordable way to furnish your home in a way that is completely you, its also a way to connect with others who share your interests, spending time there for me makes for a wonderful day..

My flea market vices?..My first love is vintage..Vintage china, linens, furniture, mirrors, & jewelry..The loving cup above is a unique vessel to hold my blossoms..Statuary is another collection of mine..The beautiful vintage french girl below really spoke to me..She has such a pretty face and she is holding a dove which is a bird that is very special to me..They represent peace and are so serene looking, even their call is enchanting..
A delicate floral pattern graces this Haviland Limoges teacup ..A lovely way to take tea..
I also like adding architectural details to my home..I have corbels, old windows and doors, vintage ceiling tin..They add such character ..These ornate hinges came from a set of windows in a victorian house, the medal is a religious plate I uncovered in a box..The weathered piece with the knobs will hold dried flowers..
Milk glass is an ever growing collection of mine..My mother had a milk glass fan vase that I always admired as a girl, it has always held such charm for me..The open scrolly patterns in these plates immediately caught my eye..So beautiful and fresh, anything you place on or in milk glass just shines..
A vintage metal piece used for holding toast, now holds notes, tags, and cards..I like using objects in unexpected ways..It adds a sense of whimsy to your home..
Every detail on this gorgeous handmade lace lampshade I created was purchased at the flea market..The lace doily, satin ribbon,pink ball fringe, and rhinestone pin make beautiful embellishments and is a one of a kind piece of art....
Vintage  elements create a look that is elegant and beautiful..Aged treasures lend a history to your home and a beauty that is timeless..Many of my finds have a story behind them that I find so fascinating.I often wonder, who gazed into this mirror before me, who sipped tea in this cup, who sat in that chair, who wore this rhinestone bracelet and to what event..Perhaps a wedding, prom, or a ball?..I am a day dreamer..The beautiful things I have collected over the years has made my home a place that I enjoy being in every day..Looking at them and remembering the moments I found each piece brings me an inner joy that makes me happy..
The beauty in brocante found at the flea market is an effortless style, one I adore, a tradition if you will, that I intend to continue.. Have a beautiful & romantic weekend..xo..