Sunday, October 27, 2013

~Sunday Serenity~

~Sunday morning....A vignette of decaying roses, spiritual painting, vintage rosary beads, a french wire shoe, and mercury glass..
Fallen petals..Beauty fading as the days go by.. 
A silver plume pin nestled in a bed of rosebuds...
Candles flicker in embossed mercury glass...
Tattered beauty on a Sunday morning..
Have a beautiful & romantic week..xo..
K. Elizabeth~..

Saturday, October 26, 2013

~The Beauty in Brocante..~

~Brocante: Flea market; bric-a-brac....
Between April and October you can usually find me on a Sunday morning at the flea market.Treasure hunting is one of my favorite things to do..Searching through table after table of bric-a brac, or a prettier name that I prefer, brocante, is so gratifying..Many of the vendors have come to know me  and they are very kind to me..Flea marketing is an affordable way to furnish your home in a way that is completely you, its also a way to connect with others who share your interests, spending time there for me makes for a wonderful day..

My flea market vices?..My first love is vintage..Vintage china, linens, furniture, mirrors, & jewelry..The loving cup above is a unique vessel to hold my blossoms..Statuary is another collection of mine..The beautiful vintage french girl below really spoke to me..She has such a pretty face and she is holding a dove which is a bird that is very special to me..They represent peace and are so serene looking, even their call is enchanting..
A delicate floral pattern graces this Haviland Limoges teacup ..A lovely way to take tea..
I also like adding architectural details to my home..I have corbels, old windows and doors, vintage ceiling tin..They add such character ..These ornate hinges came from a set of windows in a victorian house, the medal is a religious plate I uncovered in a box..The weathered piece with the knobs will hold dried flowers..
Milk glass is an ever growing collection of mine..My mother had a milk glass fan vase that I always admired as a girl, it has always held such charm for me..The open scrolly patterns in these plates immediately caught my eye..So beautiful and fresh, anything you place on or in milk glass just shines..
A vintage metal piece used for holding toast, now holds notes, tags, and cards..I like using objects in unexpected ways..It adds a sense of whimsy to your home..
Every detail on this gorgeous handmade lace lampshade I created was purchased at the flea market..The lace doily, satin ribbon,pink ball fringe, and rhinestone pin make beautiful embellishments and is a one of a kind piece of art....
Vintage  elements create a look that is elegant and beautiful..Aged treasures lend a history to your home and a beauty that is timeless..Many of my finds have a story behind them that I find so fascinating.I often wonder, who gazed into this mirror before me, who sipped tea in this cup, who sat in that chair, who wore this rhinestone bracelet and to what event..Perhaps a wedding, prom, or a ball?..I am a day dreamer..The beautiful things I have collected over the years has made my home a place that I enjoy being in every day..Looking at them and remembering the moments I found each piece brings me an inner joy that makes me happy..
The beauty in brocante found at the flea market is an effortless style, one I adore, a tradition if you will, that I intend to continue.. Have a beautiful & romantic weekend..xo..

Sunday, October 20, 2013

~Gather.. Savor the Memories. ~

Memories in the kitchen....For me, they are of my mother and I gathering around a well loved vintage cabinet, baking, cooking, setting a pretty table, and enjoying our delicious creations..I can remember standing on a kitchen chair looking down into the Sunbeam mixing bowl while the chocolate chips were being folded into the cookie dough..Mom would always have me scrap the side of the bowl... Licking the spoon was a favorite pastime..The gorgeous old metal top Hoosier cabinet with clear glass knobs where she displayed her blue & white dishes, bowls and the mixer was a treasured piece in our home ..Many memories were made around that cabinet, spinning homemade pasta through the machine, kneading bread, icing cakes,filling canning jars,making school lunches, dyeing Easter eggs, and cutting Christmas cookies..As an ode to my childhood culinary experiences, I am sharing my kitchen and some of my traditions in this post..

I have a similiar wooden cabinet like my mothers in my own kitchen..I have it filled with molds, cutting boards, white pitchers,and pretty accents that make me happy and inspire me when I spend time cooking and baking for my family...
I spend my Saturdays at the farmers market..There is nothing better than picking fresh fruits & vegetables ,sampling baked breads, jams, browsing tables of home made soaps & candles, and smelling all of the gorgeous flowers..I never leave without a beautiful bouquet in my arms..
 My specialty is Italian faire..But the basics are what I enjoy the most..Sauting fresh vegetables in olive oil with a splash of white wine with my favorite wooden spatula .I don't know why, but I just love it..There is something about creating meals with the earths bounty that is so comforting..The rich colors, the textures, the way they glisten in the oil..It tastes better when I take the time and cook with fresh ingredients..My mother was a home cook..My grandmother cooked in a cafe her and my grandfather owned together..They took pride in their recipes and famous dishes..Making people happy with food is a way of showing love, sharing your home with others, breaking bread with friends & family is a bygone tradition that so many still embrace and appreciate..I know I do..It gives you a chance to connect, tell stories, laugh or cry with those we feel most comfortable with..Such a simple gift, that means so much..
I have a growing collection of cookbooks & cooking magazines..The pages are so beautifully captured..This one below was found at the market..I just fell in love with the cover..It really spoke to my inner nature girl..
Adding beautiful touches like vintage silverware, cruet bottles, crisp white linens,lit candles, and fresh flowers..One can never have enough flowers, all make for a cozy and inviting space that welcomes your guests, encourages them to linger, and allows everyone to just enjoy each others company...
Having serving pieces on the table and on shelves is pretty and functional.. Milk glass cups displayed in a wire rack.. Worn silver is elegant , and is a timeless look..
I indulge in different tea's..Another tradition instilled in me by my mother..Vanilla Chai is a favorite at the end of a long day..
Memories made in the kitchen are some of my favorite moments...Memories I savor and look back upon with gratitude and love...Have a beautiful & romantic week..Karen~..

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

~Autumn Picnic~

~The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, perfect weather for an Autumn picnic in the woods..~

When I was a young girl my mother would pack a picnic basket and along with a table top charcoal grill, would make brunch for my brother and I in the park by our home..Pancakes, sausage and home made bisquits warmed on the grill which we would smother with butter and jam were saveured and devoured. Sweet childhood memories I cherish..I have kept the picnic tradition going with my own girls. I so enjoy sitting on a blanket, talking, laughing, enjoying delicious food, and taking in natures beauty..
So when my fiancé and I planned an afternoon escape, I created a vintage inspired picnic basket for two for the occasion..The basket is a flea market find..I lined it with burlap and vintage lace..Vintage sheet music was used as whimsical placemats..The titles were so enchanting.."Lovely to Look At", "The One I Love" & "Autumn Leaves".A ball jar held dried Hydrangeas..Etched crystal goblets were a lovely way to sip the sparkling French Berry Lemonade from..The lemonade was displayed in an altered bottle I created ..The menu..Sweet apple and caramelized walnut chicken salad in croissants with a sweet vinaigrette , homemade garlic/onion potatoe chips & meringue cookies..I love something savory finished off with something sweet..It was a  simple but elegant meal..The captures and details below highlight our outing..

The altered bottle to hold the French berry lemonade was a quick and easy creation..I wrapped a piece of corrugated cardboard around the bottle..I like to repurpose & recycle, and this was a perfect base to add a rustic look.I then began layering sheet music, vintage lace, and a dried rose..

Using vintage finds to transport food is unique and makes the basket that more special..It is an expected way to use flea market treasures, and so much prettier than a plastic container..This pink crock is a favorite piece, and was perfect to display the meringue cookies in..
A lovely book of poetry is embellished with vintage lace and a dried Ranunculus..
Layering quilts, pillows and pretty fabrics made for a comfortable & romantic setting..Enjoying delicious home made faire, spending time with the one I love amongst the changing trees,the birds, and the fresh air was a lovely way to spend an early autumn afternoon..
Be inspired to create a day like this for yourself and someone you love..Have a beautiful & romantic week..xo..Karen~