Sunday, November 17, 2013

~Collecting..Vintage Milk Glass..~

My love for vintage milk glass started when I was a just little girl..My mother had lovely pieces she had collected over the years..My favorite was a milk glass fan embellished with pink roses, she had it sitting on a shelf in her bedroom..It was a piece I had always admired, and inherited from her when I married..I am proud to say I have my own beautiful collection of milk glass..One my mother now admires..

My milk glass collection has been acquired through the years from yard sales, thrift shops, junk shops, flea markets & estate sales ..I think it makes for a fresh, clean look..I have vases, planters, bowls, plates, cups, and my favorite, the pedestals..I bought this French wire plant stand years ago, it holds some of my large collection beautifully..

This rose embossed butter keeper is a favorite piece..
The designs are beautiful and ornate, from embossed fleurishes, to whimsical ruffled edges..
I use my milk glass to hold flowers, candles, fruit, desserts, candy, pinecones, pumpkins, & ornaments..Each piece is useful as well as decorative..Everything you place in milk glass shines.. 
The beauty of vintage milk glass is a timeless look that will never go out of style..Whether displayed in a romantic setting or in a modern country home..It is a collectible that anyone can enjoy..An elegant collection that will continue to grace my home..One I have treasured most of my life..

Have a beautiful & romantic week..xo..
K. Elizabeth~


  1. Lovely collection! The butter dish is amazing!

  2. Visit from link at your Facebook page...lovely blog! You have inspired me this morning...Thanks and hope you have a lovely day and Thanksgiving...Hope you get your country farm one day...I love milk glass and white and off white and am considering a total make over at my know where your pretty much purge it all except what you can't live without and do it all over...just really loving the whites and you can always add and take away color splashes as you like...think that might be a long term solution to my desire for change Ha Ha Ha!

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