Sunday, November 3, 2013

~The Vintage Jewelry Box~

~When I was a girl I would browse the pages of my mother's magazines with her..Near the back there would be ads for different things you could buy, there would always be a picture of a diamond ring, not a real diamond of course, but to me, it looked like the real thing..I would ask her if I could have it.. She would always tell me.."some day"..That some day came when I was in the fourth grade, her and my father bought me a "real" diamond ring..Two tiny chips on a thin gold band, and there started my love for jewelry..I still have that ring, and since then I have had a diamond engagement ring, precious stones, pearls, and even platinum..My taste has changed over the years.. Through my mother's collection, I began an on going love affair with vintage jewelry..Mom had many pieces of marcasite set in sterling silver..Marcasite jewelry is jewelry made from pyrite (fool's gold), I adored their sparkle..I too have marcasite but my passion now lies in vintage rhinestone and silver jewelry..I have been collecting for years..Rings, bracelets, pins, and earrings..I love the patina, the sparkle, and the history behind each piece ..I am sharing just a few pieces of my collection here in this post..

~The rhinestone bracelets below are my favorite pieces to wear every day..The chandelier earrings are a recent estate sale find..
~Vintage pins I have collected from estate sales..~
~A vintage belt buckle I found at the flea market..~
~My eldest daughter Devin wore this rhinestone tiara for her 16th birthday..She looked like a lovely princess, with her hair up in a bun, the tiara added a touch of glamour to her special day..The pink purse locket is a newer piece but is vintage inspired..~
~I also use my jewelry to embellish creations I have made and in decorating my home..This lace lampshade is graced with a dainty rhinestone flower..Pillows, cloth napkins, and even furniture have been given this same simple but elegant vintage touch..~
~Bracelets and necklaces decorate this french girl statue..~
~The beauty of vintage jewelry reminds me of old Hollywood, my mother, and a bygone era..My vintage jewelry collection is one I hope to pass down to both of my daughters..I hope they will love and adore each piece as much as I have all of these years...
~Have a beautiful & romantic week..~xo..K. Elizabeth~

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