Saturday, October 26, 2013

~The Beauty in Brocante..~

~Brocante: Flea market; bric-a-brac....
Between April and October you can usually find me on a Sunday morning at the flea market.Treasure hunting is one of my favorite things to do..Searching through table after table of bric-a brac, or a prettier name that I prefer, brocante, is so gratifying..Many of the vendors have come to know me  and they are very kind to me..Flea marketing is an affordable way to furnish your home in a way that is completely you, its also a way to connect with others who share your interests, spending time there for me makes for a wonderful day..

My flea market vices?..My first love is vintage..Vintage china, linens, furniture, mirrors, & jewelry..The loving cup above is a unique vessel to hold my blossoms..Statuary is another collection of mine..The beautiful vintage french girl below really spoke to me..She has such a pretty face and she is holding a dove which is a bird that is very special to me..They represent peace and are so serene looking, even their call is enchanting..
A delicate floral pattern graces this Haviland Limoges teacup ..A lovely way to take tea..
I also like adding architectural details to my home..I have corbels, old windows and doors, vintage ceiling tin..They add such character ..These ornate hinges came from a set of windows in a victorian house, the medal is a religious plate I uncovered in a box..The weathered piece with the knobs will hold dried flowers..
Milk glass is an ever growing collection of mine..My mother had a milk glass fan vase that I always admired as a girl, it has always held such charm for me..The open scrolly patterns in these plates immediately caught my eye..So beautiful and fresh, anything you place on or in milk glass just shines..
A vintage metal piece used for holding toast, now holds notes, tags, and cards..I like using objects in unexpected ways..It adds a sense of whimsy to your home..
Every detail on this gorgeous handmade lace lampshade I created was purchased at the flea market..The lace doily, satin ribbon,pink ball fringe, and rhinestone pin make beautiful embellishments and is a one of a kind piece of art....
Vintage  elements create a look that is elegant and beautiful..Aged treasures lend a history to your home and a beauty that is timeless..Many of my finds have a story behind them that I find so fascinating.I often wonder, who gazed into this mirror before me, who sipped tea in this cup, who sat in that chair, who wore this rhinestone bracelet and to what event..Perhaps a wedding, prom, or a ball?..I am a day dreamer..The beautiful things I have collected over the years has made my home a place that I enjoy being in every day..Looking at them and remembering the moments I found each piece brings me an inner joy that makes me happy..
The beauty in brocante found at the flea market is an effortless style, one I adore, a tradition if you will, that I intend to continue.. Have a beautiful & romantic weekend..xo..

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