Sunday, October 20, 2013

~Gather.. Savor the Memories. ~

Memories in the kitchen....For me, they are of my mother and I gathering around a well loved vintage cabinet, baking, cooking, setting a pretty table, and enjoying our delicious creations..I can remember standing on a kitchen chair looking down into the Sunbeam mixing bowl while the chocolate chips were being folded into the cookie dough..Mom would always have me scrap the side of the bowl... Licking the spoon was a favorite pastime..The gorgeous old metal top Hoosier cabinet with clear glass knobs where she displayed her blue & white dishes, bowls and the mixer was a treasured piece in our home ..Many memories were made around that cabinet, spinning homemade pasta through the machine, kneading bread, icing cakes,filling canning jars,making school lunches, dyeing Easter eggs, and cutting Christmas cookies..As an ode to my childhood culinary experiences, I am sharing my kitchen and some of my traditions in this post..

I have a similiar wooden cabinet like my mothers in my own kitchen..I have it filled with molds, cutting boards, white pitchers,and pretty accents that make me happy and inspire me when I spend time cooking and baking for my family...
I spend my Saturdays at the farmers market..There is nothing better than picking fresh fruits & vegetables ,sampling baked breads, jams, browsing tables of home made soaps & candles, and smelling all of the gorgeous flowers..I never leave without a beautiful bouquet in my arms..
 My specialty is Italian faire..But the basics are what I enjoy the most..Sauting fresh vegetables in olive oil with a splash of white wine with my favorite wooden spatula .I don't know why, but I just love it..There is something about creating meals with the earths bounty that is so comforting..The rich colors, the textures, the way they glisten in the oil..It tastes better when I take the time and cook with fresh ingredients..My mother was a home cook..My grandmother cooked in a cafe her and my grandfather owned together..They took pride in their recipes and famous dishes..Making people happy with food is a way of showing love, sharing your home with others, breaking bread with friends & family is a bygone tradition that so many still embrace and appreciate..I know I do..It gives you a chance to connect, tell stories, laugh or cry with those we feel most comfortable with..Such a simple gift, that means so much..
I have a growing collection of cookbooks & cooking magazines..The pages are so beautifully captured..This one below was found at the market..I just fell in love with the cover..It really spoke to my inner nature girl..
Adding beautiful touches like vintage silverware, cruet bottles, crisp white linens,lit candles, and fresh flowers..One can never have enough flowers, all make for a cozy and inviting space that welcomes your guests, encourages them to linger, and allows everyone to just enjoy each others company...
Having serving pieces on the table and on shelves is pretty and functional.. Milk glass cups displayed in a wire rack.. Worn silver is elegant , and is a timeless look..
I indulge in different tea's..Another tradition instilled in me by my mother..Vanilla Chai is a favorite at the end of a long day..
Memories made in the kitchen are some of my favorite moments...Memories I savor and look back upon with gratitude and love...Have a beautiful & romantic week..Karen~..


  1. What sweet thoughts. I love your pieces, maybe because I have many of the same ones. We would probably seek out the same things at a flea market. lol! I too love the farmers market. Had some fresh veggies tonight for dinner.
    Thanks for a lovely post,
    @ Eclectic Red Barn

    1. Thank you Bev for the lovely comment..xo..Karen~

  2. I love everything in your post : the words and the romantic pictures. Enchanted moment looking at all your blog pages !
    xoxo from PARIS


    1. Thank you so much Joëlle for such a lovely comment...So happy you enjoyed reading my blog..Thank you for spending some of your time here with me..xo..Karen~